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The Learning Connections provides a wide range of valuable services aimed at helping students, families and adults with learning challenges.

  • Individual Coaching for All Ages

  • Personalized Strategies for Behavior Change

  • Information Finding & Research

  • ADHD & Learning Challenge Education

  • Customized Workshops, Trainings & Courses

  • School & Program Selection Consulting for Families & Individuals

  • Child Support Program Selection Consulting for Parents

  • Individual Parent Education Courses

  • Resource Library

  • Referrals to Additional Organizations & Professionals

What does a coach do?

Coaching is a partnership to help you manage your life and achieve your dreams. ADHD Coaching utilizes structures, strategies, accountability, support and feedback to help you focus and get on track.


What does a coach do?
  • Listens to what you have to say

  • Accepts you for who you are

  • Asks strong questions

  • Offers insights & perspective

  • Makes big requests

  • Remembers your goals

Coaching Helps You...
  • Focus & accomplish your goals

  • Prioritize & end procrastination

  • Organize & use time effectively

  • Stop feeling overhwelmed

  • Live healthier and improve relationships

How Coaching Works
  • One-on-One strategy sessions

  • Focus on strengths and talents

  • Develop life-managing skills

  • Establish plans for personal success

  • Provide encouragement and guidance

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